Facebook LIVE Event EPISODE 88 – Modding Your Prongs

SilviaFindings Facebook Live Showroom - EPISODE 88

Modding Your Prongs:
From faceted stones to cabochons

The anatomy of faceted stones requires that the prong on a pendant or ring settings for these types of cut stones have a pre-notched prong because the girdle of the faceted stone should rest right into the prong notch. At a trade show held in Vancouver this past weekend, we’ve modified many pendant and ring settings that had pre-notched prongs settings designed for faceted stones into prongs that work best (and look great) for cabochons.

Mark Lareau, our product specialist, will show you how you can easily modify the a pre-notched prong setting yourself into a flat prong setting suitable for cabochons.

Facebook Live Showroom EPISODE 88

10:30 am Pacific Time

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Live Replay

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