Eye Catching Jewelry Display Ideas

Eye-Catching Jewelry Display Ideas

Your handmade jewelry deserves a closer look!

These eye catching jewelry display ideas will put your work in front of potential buyers. You want people to notice your beautiful creations despite the bustle of craft and trade shows and artisan market venues. Do you know what makes customers gravitate towards one display while ignoring others? There are a few “tricks of the trade” that savvy sellers employ.

Let’s dive in and find out what will make your displays dazzle!

1.    Too much is too much! Keep it simple and keep it tidy.

Organize your jewelry and make it easy to access. It’s not enjoyable to sort through tangles of necklaces and earrings. Instead, put out a few pieces and let your buyer know you have variations of that design. Avoid putting everything out on the table at once. Too much can overwhelm a customer. If you’ve made each piece of jewelry with different coloured gemstones, display three colours and post a sign saying that the design also comes in other metals and gemstones.

2.   So many customers, so little space.

Arrange your tables strategically when setting up so all your customers have a clear view of your wares. For example, direct people waiting to pay to one end of the display where they don’t block the view of others. In addition, you could arrange your counters or tables in an L shape or square, allowing buyers to see from the front and sides.

3.    Aim High.

Create height and depth with shelves and step displays, and have your showstopping pieces at eye level or higher. Tall clear acrylic cubes offer height without overshadowing your jewelry. A cloth draped over a wooden box is a money-saving option. Miniature stair risers are an excellent choice – cupcake stands could work too.

4.    Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour.

Repeat your three primary brand colours in your display. For example, if teal and grey on a white background are your three key colours, use teal as a table runner against white for table coverings. Print your signage in charcoal and have some teal on your tags, wrapping paper, boxes, or bags. Aim to keep your colour combinations to three.

5.    Show off to impress!

Show off your jewelry with pre-made display bases. Retail display hardware is available in velvet, faux leather, fibreglass, acrylic, and wood. A mannequin hand or ring-presentation cones showcase your rings. Bracelets look lovely on one, two, or three-tiered bars. Busts are perfect for displaying necklaces and pendants. Bases keep pieces in place and allow customers to touch the jewelry without knocking them down.

6.    Your creativity is unlimited – your budget, maybe not so much.

You’ve made the jewelry; now make displays with everyday materials. Drape pendants over abalone shells. Dangle earrings from the rims of delicate bone china teacups. Stretch natural burlap across a picture frame painted in your brand colours. Poke the earring findings through the burlap or pin necklaces to it. Make ring holder cones with polymer clay. After baking, paint them with your brand colours. Find a small branch or thick twig and tie natural twine to the ends. Screw small O rings along the length and hang the branch on the wall or ceiling—dangle earrings or necklaces from it. Collect wide flat stones to display bracelets on. Abalone shells also make lovely “dishes” for displaying bracelets. Nature is charming as a highlight to your display table. A small bunch of flowers, a branch, a few tiny succulents in pots, or some bamboo branches in a glass jar or ceramic vase will look understated and pretty. Let your imagination flow.

7.    What is your creative vibe? Flaunt it to attract like-minded buyers.

Display your jewelry for the customer you are targeting. Boho? The presentation is vibrant and colour-packed. Vintage? Bring on the lace, porcelain teacups, violets, and silver frames. Chic? Anything understated, minimalist, and elegant. Exotic? Time for stripes, animal prints, and wood. Grunge? Leather, denim, biker boots, plaid, and metal. Styles evoke colours, textures, mood, and energy. Entice your customers by using displays that play to their taste in fashion.

8.    Invoke the power of three.

The power of three is not just for math and magic. It’s also for marketing. Groupings of three similar designs or coloured items are pleasing and eye-catching. Think three in a row, or three tall, three flat, and three medium-sized.

9.    Mirrors provide instant selfies but without the filters.

Your buyers will want to know how they look in your creations. Depending on the size of your table or display area, have mirrors handy so customers can determine if the piece they like looks good on them.

10.  See the light. Illuminate!

Light your display and highlight your creations. Tuck some battery lights – whether candles or string lights – around your jewelry for some sparkle and charm. An overhead light or floor light with a swing arm works for creating a focal point. Lightweight Ottlights have multiple settings, including colour. Their bases are small and use little space, and you can change the colour and tone of the light at the touch of a finger.

11.  Take your toolkit.

Start with basics like a small hammer, screwdriver set, and utility knife. Add the following:

  • Tape (two-sided is very handy)
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pens, markers, and a notebook or pad
  • Fishing line to suspend items “invisibly” from the ceiling if you can – or from branches of trees or the frame of your pop-up tent at an outdoor market
  • Scissors
  • Clean up kit–glass cleaner, wipes, paper towels
  • Signs and props
  • Packaging material – bags, tissue, boxes, etc.

12.  Rehearse before you go.

Try different arrangements before you set out. Take photos of various presentations. Review the pictures and make adjustments as needed. Before heading out to your show, decide what works, how long it takes you to arrange everything, and how much you must carry. Make your display as portable as possible, especially if you plan to do many fairs and shows.

Ready to sell some jewelry?

These eye catching jewelry display ideas are just a start. Your creativity, warm personality, and striking jewelry will do the rest.

It’s time to get out there and make your displays dazzle!

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